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Dragonflies of the Pink Lotus


     Ideal for younger children and their parents,

teachers or babysitters. Club members receive

5 Mermaid Coins upon registration and a

Starfish Bracelet upon minimum completion of the suggested Reading List. 




Mermaid Coins

Some believe sand dollars to be mythical mermaid coins or currency from the lost City of Atlantis, washed ashore for tourists & beachcombers. In mythical times, mermaid coins were used when the hero or heroine was stuck between a rock and a hard place. How would you spend your Mermaid Coins as a character in one of our suggested Reading List stories in order to improve your circumstances? Pick your favorite story and tell us what happened.


Starfish Bracelet

Turn in your response(s) to the Mermaid Coin question, read a minimum of 5 books and receive a Starfish Bracelet from the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea. Courtesy of Cassiopeia ~ StarTales from the Universe.©

Email Zoe for more info at

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