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Light and Shadow

The Enchanted Horse Contest©

"If you are not asleep, tell us a tale to break the waking night." 

- 1,001 Arabian Nights

In "1,001 Arabian Nights", an enchanted horse, a magic carpet, and a lamp were all associated with "wish-fulfillment." To participate in the contest, familiarize yourself with the suggested literature and answer the questions below.


Indigofera tinctoria

Abstract Sand

The Questions


Try to answer the questions below by solving this riddle: Since carpets and horses CANNOT fly, how did the three princes' Magic Carpet and the Enchanted Horse in 1,001 Arabian Nights get their riders to their intended destination(s)?


[2] Was the storyteller's sister in 1,001 Arabian Nights a 17th Century Iranian carpet weaver who married a wealthy Persian horse merchant? 

[3] Did this weaver weave a carpet comprised of the stories told in 1,001 Arabian Nights? 

[1] Was the Magic Carpet in 1,001 Arabian Nights: The Prince Ahmad and the Fairy Pari Banu formerly on the back of an Arabian stallion?

The Literature


The Answers

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