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A Dragonfly's Dream

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Part VII - The White Castle

A Turquoise Dragonfly Lily Pond appeared in the distance near the opposite shore. Ruby saw a Turquoise Dragonfly hovering over Muddy Brown Lily Pads with Pink Lotus Flowers blooming in a glassy, aquamarine pond.

Shortly after 12 noon, The Archer's arrow flew across the sky, past Capricorn's Ear toward Pieces. The Archer's Arrow spun like a spinner on a game board or the hands on a broken clock. Levi powered on his IPS Unit and the Turquoise Dragonfly hovered slightly over the clock, its tail spinning in circles like the Archer's Arrow. The daylight began to fade and turn to dusk.

Hazel, Zoe and Ruby looked out the window and saw the Egyptian Girl sailing slowly past in the dim light, her Pink Lotus Flowers glowing in the night, lighting their ship's way to the White Castle.

Sploosh!!! A giant ball of fire landed in the middle of the Turquoise Sea.

Levi put away his IPS Unit and grabbed Zoe's hand. Hazel held onto Ruby and they followed Levi through a large Turquoise Door. Once through the Turquoise Door, the four travelers saw a narrow dirt street with many passageways leading off in different directions. The passageways were marked by archways lit with hanging lanterns that glowed a warm orange-yellow glow in the smokey night. To their right, a long, stone staircase faded away in the distance - its eventual destination unknown. Ahead they saw stone brick buildings with windows lit by dim, yellow candlelight and gated, iron doorways.

Hazel held up their lantern and glanced back at the way they had come. The Turquoise Door they had traveled through was gone. In its place was The Archer aiming his Arrow at an invisible enemy.

Illustration by tincuta

"Similar to other spirit animals, the dragonfly is a symbol of transformation and change. They begin their life in the water, but soon transform into the agile flyers that we know them to be. If a dragonfly appears in your dreams it may be telling you that a change is coming."

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