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A Little Dandelion Magic

A Little Dandelion Magic | The Golden Orb | Part V

In addition to the Black Man at the Crossroads and the Imposter, the Fae Librarian must also face Specters seen roaming nearby graveyards in the late evening hours. A Restless Specter [1] is a powerful ghost who can affect the physical world. They appear as a pale, insubstantial figure which seems to grow more solid as it approaches. They typically wander or roam grave sites, old battlefields, or darks woods where many others have wandered to their deaths.

One of the Specters haunting the nearby Village is a young German male [2] who came to fight for the French resistance during WWI [3]. He fell in love with Mother Superior Agnes at the Convent, but she eventually left when the town was evacuated, and his love went unrequited. Centuries later, the two lovers have yet to meet, mere Specters in the Village cemetery. However, they may still have a chance under the next Full Moon if a little Dandelion Magic arrives before the merry month of May.

The Dandelion Wishing Spell

The Dandelion flower is associated with wish-making and the passing of time. Its seeds are said to carry messages to the spirit realm [4]. Legend has it that Hercules died a Restless Specter, and it wasn't until the Dandelion Magic arrived with Hebe, that he was finally at peace [5].

Instructions for a Dandelion Wishing Spell [6].

Harness the wish-granting magic of the dandelion by

picking a mature seed head under the full moon.

Hold it gently in your hands

as you focus on your deepest desire.

Blow off the seeds as you visualize

your dream coming true.


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The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Legend of Hercules (2014)

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