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Amphitrite and the Missing Pearl

The Golden Throne | The Elder Days | Amphitrite's Treasure Hunt

Amphitrite (the Pink Mermaid) doesn't want to marry Poseidon and runs away to the Phantom City. Poseidon gives chase and catches the Nereid [1] preening on the Queen's chair the morning of a wedding celebration. Poseidon is enraged and knocks the Queen's regal throne out the third story window. At that moment, a giant meteor lands on the far shore of the lake. A volcano erupts in flames and molten lava gushes out while villagers and animals run for their lives. Where is Amphitrite?


Help Amphitrite, the Pink Mermaid find her stolen pearl.

Follow the clues and make sure not to get caught in Poseidon's Net!


Amphitrite's Treasure Hunt

Caspian Sea
Amphitrite's Treasure Hunt Map


Mermaids by Fantasy-fairy-angel on DeviantArt.

Clues [1] and [2] are for The Phantom City

[1] Warning! The Phantom City has an underwater entrance. You must get permission from Anubis first or you will regret it for an eternity or more!

[2] Anubis explains.... “Oops! Amphitrite is not a real mermaid and cannot breathe underwater. Only attempt to dive if you can hold your breath for a really long time!” “Hmmm...” Anubis scratches his head. “Where else could she be?

Come back soon for the next clue! Anubis will be waiting.



[1] Nereids []

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