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Capricorn, Khepri & the Pink Mermaid

Amphitrite's Treasure Hunt


[10] Capricorn / The Pan Flute ~ Hey! That's a pan flute! How did a beautiful Pan Flute like that end up in a place like this? Hmmm. Let's ask Khepri for assistance...

[11] Khepri warns, “Steer clear of that volcano! Someone must have poured a mysterious concoction into the lake last night. The waters are no longer safe.”


[12] The Pink Mermaid ~ Amphitrite exclaims,“Hey! Where's my pearl? You wouldn't have happened to have stumbled upon a pearl thief would you?”


Pearl Thief

[13] Guest ~ “I'm not sure. What did the pearl thief look like?

Amphitrite says, “She was short and pretty with ice blonde hair.”

Guest, “Let me check with Anubis, perhaps she has left a trail behind that can be followed and allow us to recover the stolen pearl.”

Amphitrite, “Good Luck! Anubis will be waiting...”


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