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Egyptian Gold

A Gilded Reverie | The Golden Throne | Egyptian Gold


Say, it might have been a fiddle, Or it could have been the wind. [1]


Kianga [2] finally found a few moments to herself after spending the past few years hot on the trail of a suspected Pearl Thief. Kianga was Orisha [3] [4], originally of the ancient Yoruba people that inhabit West Africa, primarily Nigeria, Benin, and Togo. Now, she found herself in the swampy, equatorial heartland of Africa's vast, never-ending rainforest, Bangui in the Central African Republic. Apparently, there was a Greek Vase hidden away in a booby-trapped underground chamber, buried for centuries along with the missing pearl ~ or so she thought. Kianga wanted to make sure everything taken care of before she called anyone to help excavate.

The mosque caretaker had let Kianga into their offices for the afternoon so she could review necessary paperwork and make a few phone calls to the outside world. Kianga pulled up a chair and started to shuffle through her papers when she noticed an old, crinkled picture on top of the caretaker's stack of yellowing files.

The picture was a beautiful illustration of a young woman with a navy blue shawl overlooking a small pool in front of an ancient Egyptian temple. Kianga studied the picture carefully.

“Hmmm...” Kianga thought to herself. “This painting reminds me of my old Egyptian friend Khepri. I wonder if this is his mother.” With that, Kianga pulled out a pen and paper and began composing a note to her old friend Khepri.


Dear Khepri,

I remember the day when the knight fell in,

Realizing now that it must have been the wind,

I wonder what happened to all that gold?

Yours Truly,




[1] The Music Never Stopped

Words by John Perry Barlow; Music by Bob Weir


[2] Kianga

A name of African origin that means “sunshine.”

[3] Orisha

[4] Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi


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