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Egyptian Gold II

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

A Gilded Reverie | The Golden Throne | Egyptian Gold II

Kianga discovers a Greek Vase buried in an ancient temple in

the Central African Republic while hot on the trail of a Pearl Thief.


Just then, the mosque caretaker walked into the office, startling Kianga out of her reverie. “Goodness! You startled me!” Kianga cleared her throat and began shoving papers back into their files.

“Here's this week's mail.” The caretaker dropped a small pile of mail on Kianga's desk and left the room. On the top of the stack was a letter addressed to her from Khepri. Kianga quickly tore open the envelope and saw that the letter was dated 2000 BC. It was written on papyrus and decorated with lilies.

The tall or "high", Gold Lamp of Valhalla.

"The Elder Days" ~ Spring of Arda on Tolkien Gateway.



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