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Every Last Drop

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

500 BC | The Catholic King | Abraham Arrives


One sunny morning on the River Sweet, Abraham arrived at 10AM with the Ark of the Covenant. He had been asked to come up with an idea that would help solve the problems they were facing at the time in the Caspian Sea Region. Abraham had written Commandments as codes of conduct to follow that were to be kept in the Golden Ark.

Noah decided to build a much larger, wooden Ark that would hold all the world's animals and unfortunately, the bejeweled Nile Crocodile wandered off first. The first meteor landed shortly after 12 Noon that day, near the northeastern corner of the Caspian Sea, around the time Anubis' Guards were fending off the huge reptile.

The Holy Crocodile in the Temple of Sobek [1]


Later that day on their rounds, the Catholic King and Kianga discover that a Knight had fallen face first into the Gold Pool with his arm outstretched trying to grab hold of his sword sinking slowly in the golden liquid. [2]

The Catholic King shook his head in wonderment, “Tisk tisk! How on Earth did we end up like this?”

The Knight, with his face still stuck in the Gold replied, “It wasn't me sir! I was merely trying to pull the sword out after one of Ali Baba's ostriches kicked it in!"

All Kianga heard was the Knight's muffled response, and she watched in dismay as little gold bubbles appeared on the surface of the pool around his head as the Knight tried to explain.

“I'll bet there isn't a feather of truth to that!” Kianga exclaimed and started to pick up the stray ostrich plumes scattered in the dust. The Catholic King shook his head, and muttered “Tsk, tsk” again.

It was late afternoon and the skies were beginning to darken. Another meteor struck somewhere to the south and now they were stuck with gold undoubtedly poisoned by the Knight's sword. Kianga took the ostrich feathers with her and headed south, while the Catholic King quickly made his way back to the White Castle.


500 years later, the Gold Pool has finally cleansed itself of the sword's poison. However, only a small amount of Gold is now provided by the spring - about one cup wells forth every few weeks. Khepri returns to the White Castle and finds a Palm Leaf on the floor of Cassiopeia's dressing room where her throne was thrown out the window all those years ago. With no sign of his old friend, Khepri sits down on his carpet to think...



[1] The Holy Crocodile in the Temple of Sobek by Quartervirus on ArtStation []

[2] The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (see the movie and/or book by C.S. Lewis)

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