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Fenrir's Tears

Part XXVIII | Blue Enchanted Forest | Fenrir's Tears

Fenrir's Tears created a Narrow Winding River that ran through the Blue Enchanted Forest as various streams and tributaries that eventually wound their way, twisting and turning until they finally reached the Eastern Sea. Travelers were often mesmerized along the way and became lost or forgotten about in other people's dreams.


At dawn, with the first rays of dappled sunlight, Levi spotted Aurora Moon gazing into the Infinity Pool. "Sand dollars are sometimes said to represent coins lost by mermaids." [1] Aurora had scooped up a handful of sand dollars from the bottom of a glassy inlet where water swirled in eddies and started to carry them away in a small basket lined with seaweed.


The water shone a greenish-yellow in the morning sun, and Zoe saw the river branch off into smaller streams in the distance, it's course twisting and winding its way through the forest toward the East. Ruby saw a few Will O' Wisps dancing among the trees up ahead and a male voice sang the last few words of "Russian Lullaby," [2]

a land that's free for you and me,

and a Russian lullaby.

Levi checked the time on his IPS Unit and the Dragonfly's Tail was pointed at the Purple Rose near 8 O'Clock on the Dragonfly Clock. They would have to hurry.



Notes [1]

Illustrations by: [Fairy Art] Wallpapers, [Sanddollars] BBArtStudio, [Forest Background] Andres Angel, [Forest Guides] PrinceSawyer, [Little Girl] Teo-Z, and [Magic Orbs] Rittik-Designs.

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