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Forest Spirits & A Mysterious Stranger - II

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Zoe decided she would leave the land of the Gypsies where she was born and make her way toward the Heart of the African Rainforest on another larger continent, far far away. She donned her emerald cape the only way she knew how - by wrapping it carefully across her back and around her shoulders, as if to ward off a sudden chill. The cape started to spin and twist Zoe slowly in a circle clockwise and looking up into the evening sky, Zoe saw the warm orange and pink hue's of the sun as it began to set off in the distance. With one final spin of her vampire cape, Zoe was nothing more than a small emerald swirl in a pale dusky rose sky.

When Zoe opened her eyes, she was in the Heart of the African Rainforest. Magnificent, tall trees stood around her in every direction as far as the eye could see. She was standing at the edge of a clearing where a watering hole used to be, and she could see giant, elephant-shaped footprints in what was left of a large pool of dried-up mud.

Zoe glanced in the direction of a rock outcropping and saw the shape of someone much taller than herself. As her eyes adjusted to the dim, forest light, Zoe could see that the shadowy figure was another vampire from a different clan. He stood for awhile, peering in her direction, his own black cape swirling about his broad shoulders. He then sat, hunched over a small fire inside a cave formed by the outcropping of rocks.

Even from a distance Zoe could not discern the origins of this vampire's clan. The patterns and markings on his cape were unfamiliar to her but she knew he must have appeared for a reason. What reason? To help her. Suddenly, a Blue Owlet appeared in the high branches of the trees near him. The owlet was a sapphire blue. Zoe saw the owlet's wings flutter briefly, a bright splash of sparkly blue against the dark, forest green.

Blue Owlet

Forest spirits lived in the rainforest and the Blue Owlet might help her. Sapphire represents clear thinking. They also brought peace and wisdom and were a source of protection for travelers. The bright blue of the Owlet reminded Zoe that she needed to stow away her cape due to dense jungle, and she carefully rolled it up into an emerald ball of fabric and tucked it into the travel backpack she always wore.

Zoe adjusted the backpack on her shoulders, stepped out of the rainforest, and headed for

the clearing. She glanced over briefly at her mysterious friend, as he was also rolling up his own black cape and stowing it away carefully in a small pack, presumably designed for the same purpose. Once finished with his task, the mysterious vampire stood up to his full height and watched Zoe with keen interest. His name was Levi. Zoe could read his Egyptian hieroglyph coded into the lining of his cape.

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