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Hazel's Tea Cup (2)

Part X - The Mystery of the White Castle at the Phantom City


Zoe carefully poured hot steaming Lotus Tea into each Tea Cup on the small, wooden table in the alcove room. Hazel immediately sat down to read her tea leaves while Ruby gave each Tea Cup a sugar cube. Zoe sat down, and together the girls peered down into the bottom of Hazel's Tea Cup to see what they could see.


Sagittarius the Archer shoots his Arrow at 12:30PM, the first Meteor strike in the NE. The Archer's Arrow bounces off the Moon and finds its mark in the Heart of Scorpio at Antares, the brightest star in the sky that night.

At 4PM, the second Meteor strikes as Leo the Lion makes his way through the Turquoise Forest.

The Curl of Capricorn's Tail starts to spin at 5:30PM as the third Meteor strike splits Cancer the Crab in two pieces and forms a curling Ammonite Shell.

The Archer's Arrow finds its mark in the Heart of Scorpio as Turquoise Waves lap against black rock shores at the Phantom City.


Hazel's spoon tipped over and spilled Tea on the wooden table, startling the girls out of their dream, and jolting them back to their reality in the alcove at the White Castle. Zoe stood up and looked questioningly at Hazel,

"What on Earth happened at the Phantom City? The Archer shoots an Arrow at an unseen enemy high in the sky. Their celebrated King is struck dead in his tracks by an unknown foe, and everything is set on fire during Meteor Night."

Hazel glanced out the alcove window and replied,

"Maybe we should find Levi and see what he thinks."


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