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Invisibility Cloak

Updated: Mar 11, 2020


Ruby rubbed her hands together for warmth and the Ruby Stone glowed pink in the cave's darkness. Zoe could see the faint outline of their cave drawing on the wall behind Ruby. A yellow warmth glowed in the corner where Hazel built a small fire to keep them warm. They carefully hung the torn piece of Finn's charcoal gray Invisibility Cloak on the cave wall behind them in a thin crevice and sat huddled around Ruby's Stone to think.

Look Ruby! Zoe pointed her index finger at the images she saw in the crystal. Tell me what pictures you see in the crystal Ruby. Maybe they will lead us to Finn. Zoe was cheerful and Ruby stared at the images in the glowing red crystal as they shifted and changed in the dim light. Ruby saw something fearful in the crystal and she jumped back in fright, suddenly startled.

What's going on Ruby? Hazel was concerned. What does she see Zoe? Hazel looked into the ruby crystal but saw only stone. Ruby pointed her finger at the crystal and exclaimed, There's a dragon inside the crystal! Ruby clapped her hands to her cheeks in amazement and yelled again,

Momma, there's a dragon inside the crystal! Look! Ruby was pointing at the center of the crystal and Zoe simply nodded her head Yes. A dragon. What does this mean for us? Zoe wondered out loud. Hazel started taking notes on her sketchpad and Ruby was describing the dragon so Hazel could come up with a simple sketch for their use in locating Finn.

It was a silver dragon with long, sharp fangs! Ruby tried to estimate the dragon's size by holding her arms out really wide, but Hazel merely rolled her eyes and continued sketching. Levi appeared in the cave entrance with a small deer hanging upside down from his right hand. Levi set his bow and arrow down against a small pile of rocks and brought the deer close to the fire burning brightly near the back of their small cave. Zoe could hear monkeys chattering in the treetops and a jaguar growled off in the distance. Levi set the deer on a large stone to prepare for carving while Zoe sharpened Levi's hunting knife.

After dinner, Ruby and Hazel finished their dragon sketch. Zoe glanced briefly at the black and white charcoal drawing of a silver beast and asked Levi if he knew anything about silver dragons.

Levi said, On my father's side, there is a story about a Silver Dragon. It is called The Legend of the Silver Dragon.

The Legend of the Silver Dragon tells the story of a silver dragon,

That came from a place of silver sand,

And spoke with a metallic whisper,

Whose dark gray claws were found,

Not far from this land.

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