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Khepri's Fire

Part II | Thor's Day | The Speaking Lands

Thursday [1], or “Thor's Day” was named after Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, the hammer-wielding son of Odin associated with lightning, thunder and storms. Many centuries ago, Thor found himself alone in a cave with his hammer when a small boy showed up.

“And who might we be?” Thor bent down to ask the curly-haired child who only stared at him in silence. Before Thor could say “Thor's Day!” the boy had disappeared. Thor took a quick glance around the cave, but it was empty. He glanced outside in the bright sunshine and saw a small figure walking toward the mountains. The boy appeared to have wandered off upstream carrying a small stick in one hand. Thor disappeared into the dark recesses of his cave and young Khepri eventually made it back to his mother the evening of the same day.


“Give me a single lion over a thousand sheep.” [2]

Khepri fingered the small object given to him by the Ice Princess. He wasn't sure where it came from, but he wanted to know more. It was early morning and he had set tea out for his Egyptian friend Fahari who was overdue for a visit. The sun was just now rising behind him in the distance, and Khepri was hoping Fahari would be able to answer a few questions about his stone and the drawing someone had left behind on his cave wall. [3]

Below him, Khepri heard noises coming from the cave. It sounded as if something or someone was in there, opening and closing its mouth, issuing forth a long-forgotten complaint about a tragedy from the past.

[4] The Binding of the Fenrir Wolf

I wonder what happened? Khepri thought to himself, wondering pensively about the source of eerie noises. Why is that cave talking like that? I must investigate!

At that moment, Fahari showed up to join Khepri for morning tea. They had not seen each other in many years and had planned to spend the time catching up. Khepri handed Fahari a cup of hot tea and showed her the painting on the cave wall.

“Do you know what these symbols mean Fahari? The Ice Princess gave me a small stone with a similar inscription.” Fahari examined the white stone closely and took a sip of tea. Suddenly, the cave below started moaning and groaning again, but neither Fahari nor Khepri understood a word it said. Fahari glanced up from her musings and her tea and asked Khepri,

“Any idea what happened in that cave Khepri?”

“No idea.” Khepri responded. “But I've heard the silken rope 'Gleipnir' [5] used to bind the Fenrir wolf is buried not too far from the entrance. Perhaps we should take a look.”

Just then another roar issued from the cave. “Maybe you're right Khepri.” Fahari had a worried expression on her face.

“Was there something you wanted to ask me about these inscriptions?” Fahari handed the white stone back to Khepri.

“Yes, but I think it involved a snake and not a wolf. Let's take a look in that cave first...”



[1] Thursday

[2] "Let's Make a Triumphant Song of Human Dignity Resound to Change History and the Future" Living Buddhism August 2022 p. 54 "The Path of Soka Mentors and Disciples

[3] Iar Rune ~ "Serpent"

[4] The Binding of Fenrir


[5] Gleipnir


[6] Jormungandr Runestone (see bottom lower left corner of Khepri's Lookout)

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