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Light Blue Lantern

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Part XI

"Maybe we should find Levi and see what he thinks."

~ Zoe, Hazel & Ruby at the Phantom City

At that instant, Levi stepped into the Alcove Room holding a glowing Blue Lantern high in his right hand. Hazel stepped back, startled at Levi's sudden appearance in the Alcove.

"Where did you come from?" Zoe was surprised too. Ruby jumped into Levi's arms with a shriek, "Daddy! We found something in Hazel's Teacup! Come and see!" Ruby led Levi over to the Tea Table by one hand and Levi set the Blue Lantern down on a small table in the corner.

"We found Clementine and a Dragon's Pearl." Zoe explained. Levi hung up his Cloak and sat down near the fireplace to warm his hands.

"What is a Dragon's Pearl?" Levi asked.

"Several DragonBall Lotus Blossoms washed up on shore, but they are also known as the Dragon's Pearl." Hazel was flipping through the pages of a dusty, old book she found in a small bookshelf above the fireplace.

Zoe sat down next to Levi and Ruby curled up in front of the fire.

"Maybe we should sleep here tonight," Zoe suggested. Levi yawned and covered Ruby with a small blanket. Levi and Zoe fell asleep while Hazel read by lamplight late into the night about the Dragon's Pearl.

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