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Ruby's Cape

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

The Clairvoyant closed the book slowly and returned it to its shelf.

"A New Era has arrived."

What is a new era? Ruby was curious.

The Clairvoyant smiled.

It has to do with the black card a fortune-teller left behind an eternity ago. This Death card represents the end of a cycle, a new beginning or change, to give up all that is superficial and focusing on what is fundamental and truly important in life. As we can see here, these people mistakenly regarded gold or silver as their treasure, when instead they needed to understand the value of their water supply. We all need to learn from their mistake. Since you are travelers here, I will bid you a fond farewell and a prayer for safe travels on your journey. Time, understanding, and an open mind will serve you well.

Now, since Ruby asked the most questions, she gets the prize!

The old woman smiled at Ruby and reached into her jacket pocket. She pulled out a small, tissue covered object and handed it to the young girl. Ruby smiled brightly and unwrapped the tissue paper to reveal a shining red ruby.

Ruby put her hands to her cheeks in excitement and oohed and aahed at the jewel sitting before her on the Clairvoyant's table. The red jewel looked as if it had been recently polished and sat glimmering in the candle light.

Let me show you a trick, my little sun-bird.

The Clairvoyant smiled at Ruby and blew gently on the polished red jewel. The jewel was gone and on the table lay a small, ruby-red and purple cape, just her size. Ruby smiled and clapped her hands in excitement.

A cape of my own! I can't wait to try this on and see if it works!

Ruby grabbed both ends of her cape and swirled it around her shoulders to see if it fit right. The Clairvoyant smiled in approval.

Perfect! We will always know you are coming now with a bright red cape Ruby! It has been quite an evening discovering the mystery of the water treasure. Perhaps we should get some rest. Alana will provide you with beds for the night. It has truly been a pleasure being your host.

Levi stood up first as his cape swirled gently around his feet. He inspected Ruby's new cape with satisfaction, admiring the ruby-red and purple swirls as he grabbed her small hand in his. He stooped to shake hands with the Clairvoyant and thanked her for the evening. Hazel bowed in farewell, her own sapphire cloak flowing at her heels. Zoe finished gathering up her cave pictures as the smiling old lady escorted them out into the wind swept night. The travelers waved good bye to the Clairvoyant and followed Alana to her hut next door where they spent a peaceful night. The next morning, everyone was ready to go back to the African Rainforest!

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