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Part VI - White Castle Mystery

The Egyptian Girl offered a silent prayer and obediently handed her Tea Cup and Saucer to Zoe. Ruby, Levi and Hazel were still drinking their tea, so Zoe waited until everyone was finished and had placed their tea cups and saucers on the ground in front of them. Zoe carefully picked up the Egyptian Girl's Tea Cup and Saucer and turned over the Tea Cup so that it was right-side up on its Saucer. Then, Zoe placed the Tea Cup and Saucer back down on the ground and peered into it closely.

"I see Sagittarius aiming his bow and arrow across the sky at the Heart of Scorpio, but The Archer's Arrow is thrown off course."

"I wonder why?" Hazel looked glum as she used her fingers to push around the Tea Leaves into little shapes at the bottom of her Tea Cup.

"What would Sagittarius want with the Scorpion King?" The Egyptian Girl seemed puzzled.

"I don't know, but something tells me this is no ordinary Tea Party." Levi stood up and checked the IPS Unit again. The brightly lit screen still glowed neon blue and the Dragonfly Clock hands showed it was nearly 5 O'Clock in the afternoon.

"Perhaps we should head back to the White Castle. It looks like a storm is approaching on the horizon." Levi started to gather their belongings, while Hazel stamped out the fire and put the Tea Set away.

The Egyptian Girl set sail for her next destination and the four travelers journeyed back to the White Castle. Levi, Zoe, Hazel and Ruby watched out the castle's top window as a huge fireball rose in the sky above them. Next, the moon rose and was consumed by the orange fireball. A meteor shower blacked out the sun and everything changed after that.

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