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Specialty Tea ~ The Finest Blends

  • The Bavarian Specialty Tea Room serves tea daily in the Flower Garden from 11AM-2PM.

  • Guests are welcome during these hours only.

  • A variety of black, green and herbal tea selections are offered both hot and iced.

  • Pastries are available inside.

  • Monthly Tea Selection

Order a Monthly Tea Selection at the Bavarian Tea Room and you may get more than

you bargained for! Each cup of tea brings with it the flavor and aroma of mysterious memories from another time, waiting to be discovered by the next weary traveler that sips its delicate brew. Memories of the past combine with dreams of the future, all captured in a delicate teacup at the Bavarian Flower Garden.

Monthly Tea Selection for July

~ DragonBall Lotus Tea ~

Served hot or iced.

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