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Tea Leaves

White Castle Mystery

Part V - Tea Leaves

Levi, Zoe, Sapphire and Ruby saw an Egyptian Girl serving Honey Bee Tea

to a Rainbow Serpent near a Blue Lotus Pond.

The Egyptian Girl's left hand held a Blue Lotus Wand dipped into a Blue Sapphire Pool, and she was serving Honey Bee Tea to a Rainbow Serpent.

"Where is the Gold Wheel-Turning King?" Zoe asks. "We saw the Udumbara Flowers outside the White Castle and received an Invitation. Where is the Buddha?"

The Egyptian Girl says, "We were deceived by the Buddha's cousin Devadatta and someone stole the Silver Dagger at the Phantom City. We are not sure about the Buddha's teaching and someone else has killed our King."

Zoe reached out her hand to touch the Blue Lotus and examined it closely. "Is this Blue Lotus the teaching the Buddha left behind?"

"No," the Egyptian Girl responds, "That is a Blue Water Lily growing here in this pond. I am serving Honey Bee Tea made from Devadatta's gift to the Australian Serpent. Is there something wrong?"

Zoe stood up for a moment and paused in thought. Then she asked the Egyptian Girl, "What was in the Honey Bee Tea?"

The Egyptian Girl responded, "A secret from the Blue Sapphire Pool I used with a Blue Lotus Wand."

"What happened to the Buddha?" Zoe questioned the Egyptian Girl as the lion-haired young woman rose to her feet.

"We don't know what happened to the Buddha." The Egyptian Girl appeared irritated at the question. "We were sent here to punish people for their wickedness and I've finished serving the Australian their Tea."

Zoe asked the Egyptian Girl if she would like to have her own tea leaves read with some Lotus Flower Tea of their own.

The Egyptian Girl agrees, "Why don't we sit here by this Blue Lotus Pond for awhile and give this new tea a try."

Zoe pulled out tea cups and saucers from her Travel Pack and started to place them on the ground in front of the Blue Lotus Tea Party guests who were sitting in a circle.

Zoe explained to the guests, "For reading tea leaves, the tea cup should have a white interior and a handle, and tea is said to taste better when served in good, English China. Is everybody ready?"

Zoe continued with their Tea Reading.

Please feel free to try this at home, adapted from Gretchen Lawlor's "Wisdom In A Teacup."


Lotus Flower Tea

Leave just enough liquid in the tea cup to swirl the leaves. When everyone is finished drinking their tea, the Guest must swirl, then upend their tea cup onto its saucer, spin the upside-down cup three full turns in a clockwise direction, then hand it to the Tea Reader with the handle facing them. As the tea cup is spinning on its saucer, the Guest may offer a silent wish. Look into the cup with soft, unfocused eyes to let the images take shape. Share first impressions, before reason begins to filter or censor. The bottom of the cup contains the central messages, with the leaves found on the sides adding details or leading into the future.

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