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The Alcove Window

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Part XVI - The White Castle Mystery | Phantom City

Dec 2 - We are here waiting at the Alcove Window for Our Dear Father to arrive. There are several pieces of unopened mail scattered around on the floor waiting to be read. Zoe picked them up and carefully read the names, addresses and postmark on each one. The letters were slightly wrinkled and postmarked with cities like: Zurich, Munich, Budapest, Brussels, London and Delft.

"I wonder who left behind all this mail?" Zoe wondered aloud. Ruby was kneeling beside the Christmas packages next to the tree looking at the tags. Christmas packages with their gift tags labeled "For You" lay in wait for a Father Time that might have forgotten, or waited too long. The River Klaus had frozen over and there was no other way through other than by horse and sleigh.

"Whose Christmas presents are these?" Ruby looked up at Zoe. Zoe set the mail down on the table and noticed Sapphire's Book with its bright blue and silver cover and the small blue writing pen hanging from the book's binding. Sapphire, the Blue Owlet appeared in the corner of the room perched on a pedestal and with a quick flap of her sparkly, sapphire wings, immediately opened the Blue Book to this bookmarked page:

Santa Claus had taken off with his reindeer and sleigh,

flying high above the mountain village.

The Gifts of Time would have to wait.


"Sapphire's Book" book stock by Rofeal

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