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II - The Bright Blue Octopus

Christine turned to swim in the other direction, blowing air bubbles out her nose and wondering what might have happened to Evangeline. She was noticeably late for their afternoon tea party. She swam after the bright blue octopus to what she could find out. "Excuse me Mr. Bright Blue Octopus, but do you have any idea what might have happened to Evangeline?" The bright blue octopus turned to Evangeline and whispered with the ocean tide, "I myself do not know, but I have an orange cousin who might."

One long, blue suction-cup covered tentacle pointed off in the distance, but Christine saw only starfish and seahorses glimmering in the dim ocean light. Christine turned back to the octopus and asked, "Where does your orange cousin live?" The octopus shrugged all eight of his shoulders and whispered softly to Christine in the ocean breeze, "Come, follow me..."

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