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The Dragon King

A Gilded Reverie | The Golden Throne | The Dragon King


1300 BC ~ In Egypt, the Heretical King [1] worshipped the Red Sun and his son Tutankhamun was dead by age nineteen. Khepri stayed on as a temple guard to ensure that Egypt's foreign subjects did not misuse the temple for their own nefarious purposes and worked to rid the locale of any and all cult worship.

Khepri and the Queen

Diederic [2] sat on the Iron Throne, a throne originally built for the Golden Kingdom, but gradually replaced over the years with the swords and skulls of the vanquished. Too many heretics and golden worshippers had corrupted Egyptian rule, and it was time for a change in the seat of power. Diederic was ready to hand over ruling power to the Dragon King.

A fierce and fiery tempered Chinese king, Longwang [3] had arrived to claim the Golden Throne in his palace “under the sea,” for five hundred years before there would be another change in power in the Caspian Sea Region.






[1] The Heretical King or Akhenaten []

[2] Diederic ~ Scandinavian name meaning “ruler of the people.”

[3] The Dragon King ~ []

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