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The Emerald Vampire & The Mystery of the Water Treasure - I

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

The African Rainforest...somewhere in time...a female vampire named Zoe

The emerald represents pure love, can melt a snake's eyes,

and are said to hold powers for predicting the future.

A female vampire named Zoe was gifted an emerald cape instead of the traditional black, cloth fabric that had been handed down in her clan and used for generations. The traditional black cloth was a wool sheared, spun and woven on a special loom. The black wool came from a tribe of minotaurs and was designated specifically for this purpose. Zoe's cape had her name inscribed in Egyptian hieroglpyhs on the inside lining near the bottom.


Zoe was considered "unique" by her own vampire clan because of her ability to predict the future without a Crystal Ball. Instead, Zoe used an Amethyst as a crystal ball for its healing properties and because it assisted her with fortune telling and her ability to discern what was going on in the world around her. Fortunately, Zoe and her clan lived on planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy, noted for it elliptical shape and its proximity to the Andromeda Galaxy. According to current scientific research, the Andromeda Galaxy was on schedule to collide with her own Milky Way Galaxy, in approximately 10 billion years. After that, their future remained uncertain. Interestingly enough, the universe is expanding and contracting at the same time, so even as the Black Holes at the center of Zoe's two favorite galaxies were pulling their galaxies on a collision course towards each other, the space and stars on the outer edges of the Andromeda Galaxy continued their outward expansion. Phew! At least there were more galaxies out there. Zoe had learned that life was eternal and the universe was infinite. Zoe's special emerald cape was spun from the hemp plant. Hemp was a stronger fiber than the Minotaur's black wool. Plus, the entire hemp plant was used for a variety of other purposes. The hemp fabric for Zoe's cape was specially dyed by a Gypsy fortune-teller using an emerald hued dye found near the Center of the Earth.

There was no other cape quite like it. At least not in Zoe's time. The Gypsy had gifted Zoe's emerald hemp cape to her for her 16th birthday with specific instructions on how to save their planet Earth if it came to that. So far, Zoe wasn't worried, after all, their sun wasn't due to explode for another 5 billion years and the two galaxies had another 5 billion more years to go after that before they were due to collide with each other. At the moment, Zoe was more concerned about saving the African Rainforest than anything else. She had decided that whatever threat her arch enemies presented was slowly but surely fading away, and that before long, her magical emerald vampire cape would assist her with saving the all-important lungs of the Earth. Zoe hoped the oceans, mountains and the rest of the world's rivers wouldn't mind a little neglect until she had finished saving the African Rainforest.

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