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The Enchanted Turquoise Door

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Part VIII - The Enchanted Turquoise Door (1)

Sploosh!!! A giant ball of fire landed in the middle of the Turquoise Sea.

Levi grabbed Zoe's hand and pulled hard, dragging her toward a large Enchanted Door he saw ahead in a Turquoise Forest. Hazel held onto Ruby and they followed close behind. Levi, Zoe, Hazel and Ruby approached the Enchanted Turquoise Door and saw that the Door was decorated entirely in Turquoise. There was a Turquoise forest with Turquoise trees and Turquoise deer. There were Turquoise flowers and Turquoise chairs. Turquoise ships that had arrived too early or too late.

Levi checked the glowing Dragonfly Clock on his IPS Unit to see what it said. A message appeared that read: What is the answer you seek? Levi showed the message to Hazel and Zoe. Zoe looked at the Turquoise Door and asked Levi, "Where are we going?" Levi replied, "We need to find the Wheel-Turning King. They were supposed to be here at the Phantom City, but something has happened to disrupt the celebration."

Zoe stared at the Turquoise Door and saw that the Turquoise Door was an Enchanted Door, made up of several different, smaller doors contained within the Turquoise frame. The door's frame glowed brightly in the forest and Levi, Zoe, Hazel and Ruby stood mesmerized, staring at the Turquoise Door as if in a dream. Images on the Enchanted Door appeared and disappeared, reappearing again moments later in different places. Ruby blinked and saw a bright Pink Starburst in the middle. Levi reached up and lifted the Leo the Lion's DoorNocker, but no one ever responded to its empty Turquoise clang as he banged the DoorNocker on the Door repeatedly several times.

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