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The Golden Orb

Formerly in the possession of the Salamander King.

A Gold or “golden” Orb that can burn human skin.

The Golden Orb is a mythical jewel that was created at the Mill of the Sapphire River by the Shaman of the Orcs, also known as Marcus. Both the Golden Orb and the treasure pile were a gift to the Norse god Surtr's father as Weregild [1], around 800 BC for the murder of Surtr's brother Otr. However, Surtr's surviving "brother" persuades Surtr to murder his father so they can take the golden treasure.


Surtr [2], now Fáfnir, is punished with the Helm of Awe and left to rot in central Denmark, near Copenhagen. Around 500 BC, Odin's son, Baldr (as Beowulf), captures Fáfnir and transports him, along with his treasure hoard to an Emerald Cave in France where a Giant Salamander lived.

Centuries pass and eventually Fáfnir dies, leaving the Salamander King still guarding his golden hoard. Unfortunately, although the majority of the treasure is still there, the Golden Orb has been lost. The loss of the Golden Orb has brought dishonor upon the Salamander King, who guards his treasure with care and devotion.

Objective: Help the Salamander King recover his Golden Orb.


Additional Details:

The Salamander King is friends with a Chinese concubine and opium addict who might be of assistance in the area, as the location of the Emerald Caves is unknown.

The Emerald Caves, also known as the “ruined mines of the puppet outlaw,” are still occupied by the Salamander King, who anxiously awaits the return of his Golden Orb. Inquiries in taverns near and far have led to rumors of this potential opportunity to recover the Golden Orb of the Salamander King [3]. News travels fast, and the locals are abuzz with excitement as a messenger on horseback brings word of a storm-tossed Obelisk washed up on the north coast of France, identified as belonging to the Scarlet Sisterhood.

A Sunken Pagoda of the Secret Society holds the key. Choose wisely and beware of poisoned villagers, corrupt officials and the occasional villain.

The Villain

The Villain has the following characteristics:

Enchantment - The Villain can magically charm people, then persuade or order them to commit evil actions.

Addiction - The Villain uses peoples' addictions to get them to commit evil actions.

Bribery - pays people off

Magic Ring

Andvaranaut [4]: A magic ring originally owned by the dwarf, Andvari, that can help with finding sources of gold.


Be on the lookout for: The Stooge King from Planet Pollux, who might fake the existence of the Golden Orb.

Jake: Must prevent the sabotage of a mysterious, sealed container believed to contain a sample taken from the Golden Orb.

Alchemist: Has a secret formula that might be a cure for those burned by the Golden Orb.

Opium Addict: A Chinese woman in her mid-20s

Architect: Italian, may be in hiding and in need of a new pair of eyeglasses.

Artificer: Might be persuaded into fashioning a new pair of reading glasses for the Architect.

Astrologer: Spends most of her time stargazing in case they get another interstellar visit.

Blackmailer: White male idiot

Traveling Minstrel: Sings well and carries an intricately carved lute. Always tells the same story about how he really doesn't know who did the carvings on his lute or where it came from.

Captain: An tall, powerful African man originally from Nubia.

Cartographer: A young female, sent to map the region on behalf of her Queen.

Dancer: Lives and works at the Opium Den.

Expert: A local expert on Gems & Potions

Explorer: An explorer from Indonesia with secret knowledge of the Salamander King.

Ferryman: Indecisive.

Fairy Spirits: Local fairy spirits of the realm. Mostly helpful.

Fortune Teller: Works next door to the Opium Den.

The Salamander King: Lives in the Emerald Cave. Was originally present in the cave when Baldr (as Beowulf) brought Surtr | Fafnir from Denmark and left him there with his pile of dirty Gold.

Jeweler: A local jeweler who specializes in emeralds, diamonds, rubies and other fine jewelry.

Opium Den Owner: Runs an Opium Den located next to the brothel run by Nyx and a Turkic doctor.

Scribe: Surtr (formerly) in his cave with the Salamander King.

Woodcutter: Regular, nice-guy type, mostly (unless everyone gets into a drunken brawl and then he'll beat someone up too).


[2] Surtr becomes “Fafnir” after he is poisoned and is moved to Denmark.

Created in part with Tome of Adventure Design (Revised) by Matt Finch from Mythmere Games.

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