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The Golden Throne

Part XXIII | A Gilded Reverie | The Golden Throne

The Golden Throne

Later that night in Bavaria, the masquerade attendees stepped outside to stargaze by

the stream. Cassiopeia, the Ethiopian Queen, was directly overhead, her five bright stars

forming a starry, "W" shape in the night sky from when the seated Queen was knocked off

her throne.

On the Egyptian God Heh's Solar Barque, Cassiopeia's constellation appears as both

an "M" and as a "W," depending on which colors we focus on (the red or the white). This

represents the constellation's daily rotation around the North Star, appearing "upright" in

her chair at certain times of the day, or as having fallen over at other times. [3] [4]

Just like during the time of Heh's solar journey, Cassiopeia was now seated on her

starry throne, unaware of the untimely events that would eventually unseat her from her

throne. Madame Pink Tea rubbed the Gold Bracelet she still wore around her wrist to this

day, and said absentmindedly, "I wonder what happened to Cassiopeia and all that Gold?"



The god of millions of years (infinity) ~ Heh had returned on his kingdom's solar barque one lazy, sunny afternoon seated on his throne, with an oarsman and a slave to fan him in the hot sunshine. Heh was not the Egyptian pharaoh, but he still bore the responsibility of shuttling gold and other materials back and forth between Egypt and their foreign temples. The river was calm, the palm trees were tall, and birds flocked noisily overhead as Heh's boat headed away from the Golden Throne and back to Egypt.

The Solar Barque


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[3] The Solar Barque by Chang-Wei Chen on ArtStation

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