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The HoneyBee Circle

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Part III | Australia ~ The Kimberly | Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea

The Story of the Giant Salamander

Many hundreds of millions of years ago, a Giant Salamander left a huge paw print in the soil of Australia's forested coastline and disappeared from sight. Eventually the seas receded and the continent grew to the size it is today. Under the Giant Salamander's paw print grew a watering hole that attracted insects, frogs, and birds of many different kinds. The watering hole was called The HoneyBee Circle or "The Watery Circle," which according to ancient Indian cosmology is the second of the three circles located under the earth that support the world.

When a world is formed, the first to appear is the windy circle. According to The Dharma Analysis Treasury, a small wind first arises in space. This wind grows and forms the windy circle, a layer of air that is cylindrical in shape and harder than diamond. Upon this circle a watery circle develops, and then a gold circle on top of that. Upon the gold circle, the land is formed with its Mount Sumeru, seas, and mountains.


The weaver added another log to the fire, and the Watery Circle slowly faded into the fire's bright yellow-orange flames. Kirti watched late into the night as the flames gradually took the shape of a headdress and a Brazilian dancer performing a sacred ritual in the Amazonian rainforest.


[1] The Southern Cross


[2] The Windy Circle


[3] Sharing Stories Foundation ~ "The Night Heron"

In this vibrant and engaging multi-touch book, Annie shares a story that was passed to her by her father, the story of Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron. Woonyoomboo was a major Creation Ancestor for the Nyikina people. This story shows how and where Woonyoomboo lived and travelled and how he brought the Nyikina world into being. Woonyoomboo left language, law, ceremonies, dance, kin and skin relationships and vast libraries of knowledge for the Nyikina people in an epic Songline. Woonyoomboo also left botanical, ecological and cartographic knowledge that forms an intricate map of Nyikina Country and how to care for it. Filled with important Nyikina teachings about Country, law, and ceremony, the book contains original artwork, animations, soundscapes, songs, language and spoken word versions of the story in both English and Nyikina. It includes a dynamic interactive map housing drone footage, songs, photographs and drawings relating to 26 important sites on Nyikina Country.

The Night Heron

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