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The Hummingbird Discovery

The African Rainforest | The Hummingbird's Tree | The Water Treasure Mystery

Red / Orange Hummingbirds

Levi and Zoe were uncertain of the meaning of their team's discovery. Inside the piece of amber on the rainforest tree, their team of scientists discovered four sets of hummingbirds - a mated pair for each color set, found in the rainbow.

Yellow / Green Hummingbirds

The first set was a red / orange hummingbird species with a male and a female hummingbird. The second set of hummingbirds was a yellow / green male and female mated pair. The third set of hummingbirds was a blue / purple mated pair, and the fourth pair of hummingbirds were black and white.

Blue / Purple Hummingbirds

Levi and Zoe recalled back to the fortune-teller's prophecy at the end of the era. Her prophecy had something to do with water in the African Rainforest and discarding the superficial things in life.

What did four sets of previously unknown hummingbird species found in a piece of amber have to do with this prophecy?

Black / White Hummingbirds

Not only that, after extensive research, the team of scientists could not find any prior existence of this particular hummingbird species anywhere on planet Earth, not even an extinct species from the past. Ultimately, Levi concluded the hummingbirds and the rainforest tree they arrived on, had not come from this Earth at all, and had actually come from another planet, the time before our own.

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