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The Monarch Faire

Games of Time | Bavaria | The Memory Keeper

[1] The Monarch Faire

Play Here ~ Khepri walked into the game room in Bavaria. There were many party goers in masquerade, and costumed dancers lit up the stage to the tune of the mandolin.

[2] Khepri headed for the bar and ordered the evening's Bavarian special - Golden Dragon Spiced Rum on the rocks. With his drink in one hand, Khepri approached the Fortune Teller's table. The Fortune Teller sat at a round table covered in paisley velvet with a Tarot deck directly in front of her. The Madame had an Amethyst Crystal Ball off to one side, partially covered with an embroidered silk scarf.

[3] Khepri sat down in front of the Madame and she immediately placed a Tarot card on the table face down. The Fortune Teller looked at Khepri closely, "Go ahead and turn the card over. If it's yours, I'll let you play for free." With that, Khepri turned the card over only to discover that it was indeed his card and he sat silently in his chair wondering what it meant.

[4] The Madame placed another card face down on the table in front of Khepri and motioned for him to turn it over. "Go ahead Khepri! This must be your lucky night!" The next card read "Flower Memory Garden" and had a picture of pink tulips in the middle. Khepri new nothing special about tulips, but he knew the Memory Keeper well. Perhaps she could be of some assistance.

[5] The World Serpent

The next card the Fortune Teller put down was "The World Serpent" or Jormungandr according to Norse myth. Khepri stared at the orange mask and could barely make out the two words that said "Guess who?"

"What is this?" Khepri looked at the Madame for an explanation. "A poem?" The Madame replied, "I'm not sure, I was hoping you could help me."



[2] Jormungandr []

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