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The Mystery of The Invisibility Cloak

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

We must travel back to the future and find our way to the cave in the African Rainforest.

Zoe was adamant that they leave the village before dark in order to catch the last of the sun's orange, red and yellow rays before the stars appeared in the midnight sky. The small group had spent the better part of the day packing and preparing for travel.

Yes, I agree Zoe, Hazel responded. Hazel started looking around for a place to turn into Sapphire and headed toward a small grove of marula trees off in the distance.

We'll be fine. Zoe reassured Hazel. They say the trees there are as old as time itself. Perhaps they will help guide our way.

Sapphire appeared suddenly on a branch of a marula tree. Levi, Zoe, and Ruby walked beneath the blue owlet and stood in a small circle holding hands while Sapphire led them in their Journey Prayer.

Alright everyone, Sapphire began, Before we travel back to the African Rainforest, let's keep in mind the Clairvoyant's advice: "Time, practice, and an open mind will serve us well on this journey," and may we find the answers we seek.

Sapphire swooped upward into the sky with Levi, Zoe and Ruby close behind. Before they knew it, all four travelers were back in the African Rainforest. Levi saw Sapphire sitting on a tree branch with a torn piece of a charcoal gray cloak caught on one claw. Levi snatched the cloak from the tree branch and Sapphire flew off to turn into Hazel.

What is this? Levi stood in the middle of the rainforest with the black cloak in one hand. No one had an answer.

Is that one of ours? Zoe wasn't sure unless it had the owner's Egyptian code name sewn into the lining.

I don't know Zoe. Levi was looking around the watering hole where they had landed.

Let's ask Hazel.

Hazel appeared on the other side of the tree where she had just landed as Sapphire moments ago. The tall, thin girl stepped into the clearing, her blue cape already stowed away in her Travel Pack.

What's going on Levi?

Hazel walked over to where Levi stood carefully examining the gray cape while Zoe and Ruby looked at cave painting pictures on a log seat.

That looks like my brother's Invisibility Cape. Hazel picked up one end of the cloak and rubbed it between her fingers.

Does it have the Egyptian code sewn into the lining? Let me check.

Hazel put her glasses on and found the small pictures sewn onto the bottom corner of the black fabric.

What is your brother's name? Levi asked Hazel.

His name is Finn and this is definitely a piece of his Invisibility Cape, but I have no idea where he is.

How did Finn's Invisibility Cape get stuck in your tree? Where is Finn? Levi looked at Hazel questioningly, as if she might already know his whereabouts.

I don't know where Finn is. We separated right before the Great Battle and all he had was his Invisibility Cloak for protection. Perhaps we can use Ruby's stone to help us see where he is. Ruby!

Hazel yelled at her and Ruby looked up from her little pile of cave painting pictures she held on her lap while Zoe sat examining the pictures on the cameras.

Come 'ere Ruby, and bring your Ruby Stone with you.

Hazel stood in the middle of the big, muddy watering hole waiting for Ruby and Zoe. Levi started folding up the Invisibility Cloak, but Zoe decided they needed it to find Finn. Levi grabbed his bow and arrow and strode off down the Pygmy path to hunt for dinner.

Pygmy Path

The three girls took Finn's Invisibility Cloak and Ruby's stone into the cave and sat down in a small circle to try and find Hazel's long-lost brother.

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