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The Note

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Zoe couldn't decide if the Purple Dragon had gone missing or not, when Levi found her first thing in the morning lost in thought, reading a page from Sapphire's Book.

Zoe wasn't sure if there were other octopuses in other colors, such as Orange or Blue or Red. What if there was an Orange Octopus? Zoe thought to herself. What if there was a Blue Octopus? What if there were Red Octopuses inhabiting an ocean in a faraway land? Would that mean the Purple Dragon hadn't gone missing on Meteor Night, but had perhaps been mistaken for a Giant Octopus of a different color?

Levi stopped to glance at Sapphire's Book and saw Zoe staring at this picture...

The Giant Octopus


"A Purple Octopus you say? Let me think. Hmmm..."

Octopus are usually sea-bottom dwelling creatures, but this one may have wondered off at just exactly the right (or the wrong) time, depending on how you look at it.

I sat and stared at my magical mysterious chocolate peanut candy bar as it started to grow slightly larger by the minute. I wondered if there was such a thing as a purple octopus and whether or not the octopus had really gone missing. The tide pool book describes the Giant Pacific Octopus as a "master of disguise," with one of the most sophisticated camouflage systems in the animal world. The octopuses skin is filled with elastic colored pigment cells that stretch with the muscle fibers and nerves of the octopus so that the octopus can camouflage itself against the rocks and other sea life in the tide pool.

Maybe the octopus wasn't really missing after all. Maybe it was hiding from someone or something and had camouflaged itself in a wind-swept tide pool along a rocky shoreline far from here.

"If you go to the place where the Monarch butterflies live during the winter, you will find the Orange Octopus hiding in a crevice near urchins, anemones, and mussels, his favorite seafood. If you are looking for the Giant Orange Octopus, you will surely find him there. Good luck!"

- The bright Purple Octopus waved goodbye with all eight of her rubbery arms.

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