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The Pink Lotus Flower

Amphitrite's Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Map

Clues [3] and [4] are for the Blue Sapphire Pool


Clue [3] The Blue Sapphire Pool ~ “Hmmm...that's strange. The invitation said 3PM but we're the only ones here. I know, let's ask Hathor [1] for assistance.”

Clue [4] Hathor ~ “Oops! This is a Pink Lotus flower pond, you brought a Nile Water Lily instead!” Be sure to check your flower identification chart next time.”

Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile



Use your Mermaid Coins for extra help if needed on the next section.

~ Viking Runes ~

...later that the Blue Sapphire Pool

Clue [5] Viking Rune [#10] Naudhiz (N) | desire | need | “nyd”

Later that evening, after the meteor shower had ended, a few survivors gathered at the Blue Sapphire Pool and started a fire to keep warm. They used mountain ash, beech and snake-root for their fire and for medicinal purposes.

Old English Rune Poem

(Need) is a constraint on the breast,

although it often comes to the sons of men, a help and a healing of every one,

if they hearken to his demands before. [5]


Come back soon and find out what happens to Amphitrite & the Missing Pearl.

Anubis will be waiting.


[1] Nile Water Lily ~ []

[4] Snakeroot ~[]

[5] Old English Rune Poem ~

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