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The Tavern

Part XIV -The Tavern

At around 8:45PM that night at a tavern, counting stars by candlelight, a group of travelers chatted and drank a toast to the starry night sky above. Brown-eyed women served red grenadine. Dusty green, red and blue glass bottles lined the walls behind the bartender and numerous whiskey casks were stored on either side of the bar. Brightly lit yellow candles were scattered on tables and along the bar, while oil lanterns provided lighting throughout the rest of the Tavern.

Other travelers drank from beer steins and munched on cheese and bread. Thunder cracked outside in the night, and rain pouring down beat steadily at the tavern's windows. The travelers saw brilliant red, blue, green, purple and white streaks of lightning flash across the night sky, and scarlet-colored flowers rain down from above.

The woman leaned over and spoke to the man she was drinking with and whispered,

"Do you know what I heard about that night?"


"The Blue Merman wore a scarlet, 1,000-petaled lotus flower in each ear but he had been enslaved by the Golden Chains of the trickster Devadatta. Streaks of rainbow-colored lightning swirled around in the night sky like so many fireworks making a Butterfly trail in the heavens. The Pink Pearl went missing on Meteor Night and ended up in the hands of someone else. They've been looking for it ever since!"


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