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Under A Wisteria Moon

Part XXX - Wisteria Moon | Soulmates | Butterfly Stars

Hazel and Finn branched off in a different direction and lost sight of Levi and Zoe who were looking for Ruby on the Jellyfish Path. Hazel and Finn saw ahead on the forest trail a myriad of pink and yellow bouncing, glowing Will O' Wisps and decide to follow this song to the water's edge:

The Music Never Stopped

There’s mosquitoes on the river,

fish are rising up like birds.

It’s been hot for seven weeks now,

too hot to even speak now.

Did you hear what I just heard?

Say, it might have been a fiddle,

or it could have been the wind.

But there seems to be a beat, now,

I can feel it in my feet, now.

Listen, here it comes again!

There’s a band out on the highway,

they’re high-steppin’ into town.

It’s a rainbow full of sound.

It’s fireworks, calliopes, and clowns.

Everybody’s dancin’

C’mon, children, c’mon, children,

Come on clap your hands.

Sun went down in honey,

and the moon came up in wine

Stars were spinnin’ dizzy,

Lord, the band kept us so busy,

We forgot about the time.

They’re a band beyond description,

like Jehovah’s favorite choir.

People joining hand in hand,

while the music plays the band.

Lord, they’re settin’ us on fire!

Crazy rooster crowin’ midnight,

balls of lightning roll along.

Old men sing about their dreams,

Women laugh and children scream,

and the band keeps playin’ on.

Keep on dancin’ through to daylight,

Greet the mornin’ air with song.

No one’s noticed, but the band’s all packed and gone.

Was it ever here at all?

But they kept on dancing.

C’mon, children, c’mon, children,

Come on clap your hands.

Well, the cool breeze came on Tuesday,

And the corn’s a bumper crop.

The fields are full of dancin’,

full of singing and romancin’

The music never stopped.

"The Music Never Stopped" words by John Barlow, music by Bob Weir

Butterfly Stars

The travelers meet at the water's edge under a Wisteria Moon.

Flower girl by Josephine Wall

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