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White Horses and White Swans

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Part V | The Fenrir Cave | Approximately 500 A.D.

Khepri found Milo and Reya sorting through his feathers, paint pots, tools and weapons in the round cave below.

"Come on you two! Grab a sword and let's head down to the Fenrir Cave and see what is making all that noise."

The trio scrambled down the cliff and found the cave's entrance flooded with aquamarine water up to their ankles. They would have to use the stepping stones off to the side. Once they reached the back of the cave, they could turn around and admire the stalactites and stalagmites that grew from the cave's ceiling and floor.

All of a sudden they heard a deep roar coming from the large pillar in the middle of the cave. Reya shrieked and covered her ears, but Khepri couldn't understand a word. When the thunderous noise died down, Khepri found Milo holding a white horn with a silver inscription around the top.

"What is this?" Milo handed the horn to Khepri.

"Excellent work Milo!" Khepri exclaimed. "You've found the Horn of Helheim! [1] This is the Horn we need to find Odin's Vegvisir! Look at the sigils near the top."

Vegvisir-Drinking Horn [2]

Khepri continued,

"The Vegvisir [3] is an Icelandic sigil that means Pointer of the Way. According to legend, the wearer of this symbol will not lose their way during storms or bad weather, even if they do not know their destination. The Vegvisir was created by the Norse god Odin for travelers who had lost their way.

Vegvisir [3]

Many hundreds of years ago, Odin and his party were traveling in the north. The party travelled on White Horses and they were accompanied by White Swans. [4] It was a stormy winter in the Caspian Sea Region, however Odin's party was denied lodging as they couldn't afford to pay.

Thor_wades_while_the_æsir_ride_by_Frølich [5]

Thor [5] took matters into his own hands, but Odin's party struggled in the wintry weather on horseback, and some did not survive. It is rumored that Odin's wife Frigg cast a spell on the horses so that they would never leave their castle domain even as the swans flew away. As a result, Odin created the Vegvisir and placed it at a crossroads for "Routes North," so that travelers would never lose their way again in the future."


"What are we going to do with the Horn papa?" Milo asked.

"Let's take it back to the White Feather Cave for safekeeping and see if we can figure out what the Horn of Helheim was originally used for."

Khepri put the Horn in his knapsack and led the children back to his cave.


Each of the eight compass points on the Vegvisir (N-NE-E-SE-S-SW-W-NW) represent the Buddha's sixteen disciples as mentioned in the “Parable of the Phantom City,” [7] Chapter 7 of the Lotus Sutra. [8] When tilted at a 45 degree angle, the names of the Buddha's disciples on the compass points point in the direction from which the disciple(s) came to the Caspian Sea Region after the catastrophic meteor shower that lasted over two days. This was shortly after the Buddha had finished preaching the Lotus Sutra on Eagle Peak in India.



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