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Butterfly Craft Activities for Children and Adults


Materials List

1. Newspaper                               2. Colored string for the antennae

3. Liquid watercolors                   4. Paint brushes & craft sticks

5. Tacky glue or extra strength glue stick

6. Glitter glue pens or chalk markers

Instructions for One Butterfly

Paint an 8x11 size piece of newspaper with watercolor paints and let dry overnight (or glue two pieces of newspaper together for a stronger Butterfly). Trace the shape of a butterfly with a pencil on the painted, dried newspaper. Then cut out the butterfly shape. Glue a craft stick in the center, draw on eyes (optional) and add colored string at the top for the antennae. 

For more painted newspaper craft ideas (hot air balloon, owl, snail) visit the Spring Crafts page on I Heart Crafty Things website.

Making Colors

If you can only get red, blue and yellow paint, here are some options for mixing colors. 

Color Wheel

For the "secondary" colors violet, green and orange:

Violet/Purple ~ mix red and blue

Green ~ mix blue and yellow

Orange ~ mix red and yellow

For more information on colors, see "Best 30 Tips on How to Mix Colors" or consult a color wheel.


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