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Peacock Craft Activities for Children and Adults


Materials List

1. Construction paper or finger-painting paper

2. Fingerpaint

3. Paint brushes

4. Googly eyes (optional as they can be drawn on)


Paint your child's hands (or help them if they need assistance) with blue finger-paint and have them make four handprints on the paper in the shape of a peacock's tail (as shown in the picture above). Paint your child's thumb and part of the palm to make the peacock's body. Have them paint brightly colored dots for the "eyes" of the peacock's tail. Add or drawn on googly eyes, a beak and some feet.

Making Colors

If you can only get red, blue and yellow finger-paint, here are some options for mixing colors for your peacock. 

Color Wheel

For the "secondary" colors violet, green and orange:

Violet/Purple ~ mix red and blue

Green ~ mix blue and yellow

Orange ~ mix red and yellow

For more information on colors, see "Best 30 Tips on How to Mix Colors" or consult a color wheel.


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