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Capricorn ~ A Mermaid's Tale

Part III | Memories Flower Garden | A Mermaid's Tale

At around 10PM on the Dragonfly Clock, the Archer Sagittarius let go of an arrow that flew past the night's tumultuous seas and made its way toward the southeast, landing near a magic lamp.


The Magic Lamp is found in the southeastern

part of the Persian desert or modern-day Iran during late afternoon on Meteor Night.



"The Sky Was Yellow and the Sun was Blue"

~ "Scarlet Begonias" words by Robert Hunter, music by Jerry Garcia


As the Sun sets in a cloudy yellow sky, a large Saturn is visible in the foreground. A giant star shaped Blue Meteor falls across the sky from the north toward the southeast, heading towards the setting sun and the horizon. The Blue Meteor and a White Dwarf star cast sapphire blue reflections on the sea. The clouds have lifted and the night sky is filled with stars. The Blue Meteor passes the White Dwarf, still heading southeast towards the horizon. A Moon rises, and the sun sets dimly among turquoise and purple clouds of steam, sparks, fire and smoke.


"Capricorn: The Sea Goats"

Saturn is completely obscured by the clouds and two Capricorns are singing and dancing as the sun goes down. They decide to hang their harp on a willow tree and row a small boat out to sea. The Capricorn turns into a mermaid with a purple tail as her lover leaves during the night and she is left sitting on her rock alone in the middle of the sea. Capricorn's purple mermaid tail slowly starts to curl in the form of an Ammonite Shell spiral pattern as a thick turquoise fog surrounds a blue cosmic moon.


"In between 20 degrees of solitude, lay the mountains of the moon."

~ "Mountains of the Moon" {1} ~

The Blue Meteor crash lands as Saturn moves farther away and disappears. A volcano starts spewing turquoise and purple lava, sparks, and star showers as far as the eye can see. Capricorn wakes up the next morning on her rock with a new Mermaid Tale.



{1} "Mountains of the Moon " Words by Robert Hunter and Music by Jerry Garcia {}

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