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The Horn of Helheim

Part IV | The Fenrir Cave | Approximately 500 A.D.


Frey had seated himself on the throne of Odin.

ᛝ(Ing) was first among the Eastern Danes ᛜseen by men, until he soon afterwards departed over the ways, a wagon running after him. Thus bold men named this hero. [1]

Khepri in Bavaria

The Madame turned over the last card on the table. The card read “Horn of Helheim.”

Below, was the Viking Rune “Ingwaz” or “Yngvi,” [2] named after the Norse God Baldr or the Swedish Lord Freyr. Above the Rune symbol, the card read, “Beware ~ Proceed with Caution.” Below the Rune symbol, the card read, “The Orange Dragon.” Glancing down at the bottom of the card, Khepri saw a Viking Drinking Horn [3] and the word “Vegvisir” printed next to it.

What does the word Vegvisir [4] mean?” Khepri asked the Madame. The Madame replied, Vegvísir is Icelandic for 'sign post or wayfinder.' The Vegvisir we're looking for is an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather. We believe the Vegvisir we're looking for is still lost, but might be found with the help of the Horn of Helheim.”

Khepri scratches his head for a moment, lost in thought.

Let me see if I remember what happened to the Horn of Helheim. Then I will bring back the Horn, and figure out how to find the Vegvisir.”



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[1] Old English Rune Poem

[2] Ingwaz Rune

[4] Vegvisir

[4] Horn of Helheim found in:

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[5] for additional information:

Huld Manuscript of Galdrastafir Witchcraft Magic Symbols and Runes - English Translation

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