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Blue Sapphire Pool

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Part IV - The White Castle Mystery

We are going to the Blue Lotus Pond, according to the invitation. However, we are currently at the Phantom City or the White Castle on Levi's Dragonfly Clock. How are we going to get to the Blue Lotus Tea Party located at the Blue Sapphire Pool?

Zoe put the invitation in her Travel Pack and stared at Levi's IPS Unit until the numbers on the clock came into sharper focus.

Ruby sat up next to Zoe and her small face peeked at the clock's neon blue glow. All she saw was the sparkly, glowing Dragonfly on the clock's surface.

"Where are we mama?"

Zoe stared at the clock and pointed to the Roses. "We are here Ruby-bird. We are inside the White Castle at the Phantom City and it's precisely 9 O'Clock in the morning. The Orange Rose is covering the number Nine on the Dragonfly Clock and 3 O'Clock is between the Dragonfly Wings to the East."

"So we have to go to 3 O'Clock on the Dragonfly Clock?"

Ruby looked at Zoe, waiting for an answer.

"Yes, Ruby-bird. I'm going to find Hazel. Wait here with Daddy, I think he's still asleep."

Zoe returned with Hazel and found Levi drinking coffee and stirring cold ashes.

"Did you see the Invitation to the Blue Lotus Tea Party?" Zoe asked Levi as he checked his IPS Unit. "It says we're supposed to be there at 3 O'Clock."

"Yes," Levi replied."But where is there?"

"The invitation says the Blue Sapphire Pool or the Blue Lotus Pond. Where's Sapphire? We need to leave and hope we get there on time."

Zoe looked up and saw the Blue Owlet perched on the fireplace hearth. The window was open that faced the sea and the White Curtains fluttered in the wind. A Rainbow appeared across the Caspian Sea and the four travelers saw their opportunity to leave. When Levi, Zoe, Sapphire and Ruby arrived at the Blue Lotus Tea Party, they were at right on time at the Blue Sapphire Pool.

Illustration by Hathor Pours Cosmology © Lindy Kehoe 2017; We'Moon on Instagram

Levi, Zoe, Hazel and Ruby see an Egyptian Girl serving Honey Bee Tea to a Rainbow Serpent near a Blue Lotus Pond.

Cover image for this post provided by Stamperia: Blue Land Scrapbooking.

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