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Grandpa Dracula Goes Bowling

Part I - Sunny Day

One morning Grandpa Dracula woke up and decided that it might be a good day to go bowling. He lived in a small house on a small street in a small town in Wyoming. He had a wife and four children. His children and grandchildren often came to visit over the summer.

Grandpa Dracula often wore his long, black cape when he went bowling. Around town however, he usually dressed in long, olive-colored slacks or work pants, along with suspenders and a long-sleeve button-up collared shirt. He resembled the Grant Wood painting of an old farmer and his wife, known as "American Gothic," but without the pitchfork.

On the day Grandpa Dracula decided to go bowling, the sun was high in the sky above the small, quiet high plains town of Thermopolis, Wyoming. Dracs left the house that afternoon and walked down the street in the direction of the IGA grocery store. He wore his long, black cape over his regular street clothes and carried his bowling ball in a large, black bag.

When Grandpa Dracs arrived at the intersection of Clark and 4th Street, he glanced up at the sun in the sky and headed north on 4th Street toward the direction of the bowling alley at the Hot Springs County Senior Center. Dracs walked slowly down the sidewalk, passed the grocery store and continued on his way, his cape flowing slowly behind him. Dracs crossed over onto Arapahoe Street and arrived at the Senior Center Bowling Alley located in the Hot Springs County State Park.

The Hot Springs County State Park consists of a Swinging Bridge over the Bighorn River, a series of mineral terraces with wooden walkways, a bath house fed from the mineral hot springs, the Big Spring, the Black Sulphur Spring, a small bison herd, and the Star Plunge with both indoor and outdoor hot mineral swimming pools and a giant water slide.

Every time Grandpa Dracula visited the Hot Springs State Park, he smelled the familiar smell of rotten eggs, or sulphur coming from the mineral springs. Occasionally, he wrinkled his nose at the smell.

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