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Island Dream

The weaver saw Cassie within the orange flames of her hearth fire. Cassie was sitting on the magic carpet astride the black horse as they flew through the midnight sky. The carpet shifted slightly on Sattar's back and another scene came to life. Cassie saw a turquoise blue sea surrounded by red rock walls on either side. A small girl was swimming down the middle. Kirti watched the horse and rider flying through the starlit inky darkness until they faded into the flames of her fire.

The South Pacific Zoe was young and she swam alone in calm, turquoise waters. She paddled with her arms in front of her, slowly lifting one arm after the other to move through the opaque, aquamarine water. A wide canyon stretched ahead of her far off into the distance. The canyon's red cliffs stretched high above the water. Zoe took a breath and kept swimming. The canyon was behind her and Zoe saw off in the distance a long stretch of empty, windswept sand with a few scattered palm trees surrounded by crystal clear aquamarine waters. She was trying to get to this deserted island spit somewhere in the South Pacific, but it was too far away. She was too young and would have to wait.

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