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The Black Knight & Burgundy Wine

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Part VI | Burgundy Wine | Black Knight | Flower Garden


"It was as if the sun rose one day and were a black sun."

"Or if you drank water and it was dry water." [1]


When the Emerald Vampire entered the Flower Garden, she saw a Black Knight sitting alone at the tea table drinking Burgundy Wine. The Black Knight stood up and grabbed the wine bottle, examining its label before pouring a glass.

"Greetings from afar." Zoe introduced herself as the rest had gone to bed.

"What are we drinking this evening?"

The Black Knight handed the wine glass to Zoe.

"Here, why don't you take this glass and I will pour another for myself."

Zoe sniffed the burgundy wine and wrinkled her nose before handing it back to the Knight.

"Phew! This stinks like lemon. It will be too dry for my sensitive palette. I think I'll pass on the wine this evening. What else is on the After-Dinner menu?"

The Black Knight handed Zoe the menu, but the only item listed was Burgundy Wine. Zoe stared at the menu, a mysterious clue the past had left behind. The label on the wine bottle looked like two snakes in the form of a Sailor's Knot and a small masquerade mask at the top stared back at her with blank eyes.

"What happens if I drink this wine?" Zoe questioned the Knight.

The Knight didn't respond, but instead took his leave and left the glass and the wine bottle on the table in silence.

Zoe glanced at the menu again and saw the red book. Maybe it would help. She would need to find the others in the morning.



[1] Tirian and Jewel on disappointment in C.S. Lewis' The Last Battle Chapter 3 p.14 Kindle edition

[2] "...Other half found me stumbling around drunk on burgundy wine..."

Wharf Rat - words by Robert Hunter music by Jerry Garcia

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