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The Blue Enchanted Forest

Part XXVI | The Blue Enchanted Forest | White Castle Mystery

Levi set his Travel Pack down on the damp rocks next to the Giant Blue Mushrooms and pulled a scroll out of the side pocket. Hazel and Finn weighed down each corner with rocks and everyone hunched over, staring at the Treasure Map with a figure eight pattern and a Crescent Moon in the middle. At the top it read: "There Is No Easy Way to the Stars from Earth." At the bottom was a note that said to use Sapphire's Book for help if they were lost.

Hazel pointed at the Giant Blue Mushrooms on the map with her index finger.

"It looks like we're here, right next to the Giant Mushrooms." Finn was hunched over next to Hazel, staring at the same spot on the map.

"The path looks like it winds around in a figure eight pattern, but the river branches off in different directions. Why don't we follow the river East-NorthEast and see what we find at the Lily of the Valley?"

Levi stared down the forest path using his monocular scope's nightvision since the forest was extremely dark. Except for the blue iridescent glow of the mushrooms, the waterfalls, the flowers and the trees, there was no light at all and the sky above them was black.

Zoe agreed. "Yes, why don't we look for the white lilies on the path ahead and see if we can add them to our collection."

Zoe was still holding onto Ruby's hand so they jumped across the Narrow Winding River to the other side of the river bank and waited for the rest. After Levi, Finn and Hazel caught up, they continued on the path until they reached a small clearing in the forest where white, bell-shaped flowers were growing on bright green stalks among glowing fairies, moths and fireflies. Hazel was reading a small, wooden signpost with the white flower's name and description.

[1] Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is a woodland flowering plant whose small, white flowers symbolize the return of happiness. In Germanic mythology, the flower is associated with the purity of the goddess Ostara, a virgin known for her humility. The Lily of the Valley's bell-shaped flowers are also associated with motherhood and are often chosen by mothers to show the connection and bond they share with their children. When Eve was banished from the Garden of Eden, her tears were said to have transformed into the sweetly scented, white flowers known as Lily of the Valley. Lily of the Valley is highly poisonous if consumed by humans. [1]

Zoe picked a few of the fragile, bell-shaped flowers along with their leaves and stems and put them in one of the leather pouches tied to the outside of her Travel Pack. She glanced farther down the path and saw a few small trees with fragrant flowers called Plumeria flowers. Ruby picked a few Plumeria flowers and started untying the cord around the small leather pouch that she kept on the outside of her own Travel Pack. She put the flowers in the pouch while Zoe read the small wooden sign near the pink and yellow blooming shrubs:

[i] Plumeria

Plumeria flowers are most fragrant at night in order to lure sphinx moths to pollinate them. The Plumeria flowers have a strong floral scent, making them popular for use in perfumes and Hawaiian leis. [2]

Zoe and Ruby decide to grab a potion bottle for their Plumeria flowers and plan to make Plumeria Perfume when they get back to the White Castle.

Hazel spots another small, wooden sign off the side of the trail that reads:

A place where lost souls go to heal

Levi pulled out the Treasure Map again and the small group sat down to figure out where they were. The Infinity Pool was directly ahead on the path according to their map, but Hazel looked pensive.

"We can either follow the path through the Infinity Pool, or we can venture off the path and try to find a way around." Finn was making designs in the dirt with a rock.

"I don't like the looks of the dark forest. Maybe we should stay on the Treasure Map's path."

Levi focused his monocular at the Infinity Pool and adjusted the lens slightly.

"It looks like there is a Silver Tree at the end of the Infinity Pool, but I agree with Finn. I think we should stay on the path and try to go directly through to the other side."

Levi rolled up the map, everyone put their Travel Packs back on and they headed into the bluish spray of water droplets and light that seemed to be coming from the direction of the Infinity Pool.

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