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The Dragon's Girl

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Part XIII - The Pink Pearl

Just then, the ground shook and trembled in six different ways. First, one shaft of light blue (lapis lazuli) lightning shooting off towards the northeast. Then, a ray of dark, emerald green lightning flashes off towards the southeast. A third fractured beam of light splinters off below the Pink Pearl left behind by an Ancient Sea Snail, one light blue (Agate) beam heading towards the distant southeast and the other, yellow-green lightning bolt headed towards the northwest corner of a brand new crescent moon. A fourth golden beam of lightning shoots off towards the distant northwest, and a fifth shaft of ruby-red light heads towards the southwest.

A thousand beams of light splintered and shattered according to all the different colors of the rainbow - from deep scarlet reds, to fiery oranges, bright sunlit yellows, brilliant shades of turquoise green, royal, neon blues and rich, velvet purples - the brilliant beams of light exploded in all directions that formed a Butterfly pattern in the night sky.

The participants at the celebration watched the night sky as the swirling beams of brilliant colored lightning exploded before their eyes.

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