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The Dragon's Pearl

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Part XII - Mystery of the White Castle | Phantom City

Hazel eventually found a page in the book that looked like this...

The Dragon's Pearl

A small girl on a Dragon Tail path [1] looked up and saw a floating Blue Merman [2] preaching from a butterfly book. The Tiger-Striped face of the Buddha's smiling cousin peered out from within the Merman's belly while the Pink Pearl floated within the Dragon's clutch.


"At that time Manjushri was seated on a thousand-petaled lotus blossom big as a carriage wheel, and the bodhisattvas who had come with him were also seated on jeweled lotus blossoms. Manjushri had emerged in a natural manner from the palace of the Dragon King Sagara in the great ocean and was suspended in the air.

Bodhisattva Wisdom Accumulated questioned Manjushri, saying, “This Lotus Sutra is very profound, subtle, and wonderful, a treasure among sutras, a rarity in the world. Are there perhaps any living beings who, by earnestly and diligently practicing this sutra, have been able to attain Buddhahood quickly?

Manjushri replied, “There is the daughter of the Dragon King Sagara, who has just turned eight. Her wisdom has keen roots and she has been able to accept and embrace all the storehouse of profound secrets preached by the Buddhas. She has entered deep into meditation, thoroughly grasped the doctrines, and in the space of an instant conceived the desire for enlightenment. Kind, compassionate, benevolent, yielding, she is gentle and refined in will, and has ably attained enlightenment.

Bodhisattva Wisdom Accumulated said, “When I observe the Buddha I see that for immeasurable eons he carried out harsh and difficult practices, accumulating virtue, and seeking the way of the Bodhisattva without ever resting. I cannot believe that this girl in the space of an instant could actually achieve correct enlightenment.

Before his words had come to an end, the Dragon King’s daughter suddenly appeared before the Buddha, bowed her head in obeisance, and then retired to one side. Shariputra said to the Dragon Girl, “You suppose that in this short time you have been able to attain the unsurpassed way. But this is difficult to believe. The road to Buddhahood is long and far-stretching. Only after one has spent immeasurable eons practicing all kinds of good deeds, can one finally achieve success. How then could a woman like you be able to attain Buddhahood so quickly?

At that time the Dragon Girl had a precious jewel worth as much as the entire universe, which she presented to the Buddha. The Buddha immediately accepted it. The Dragon Girl said to Bodhisattva Wisdom Accumulated and to the venerable one, Shariputra, “I presented the precious jewel and the world-honored one accepted it—was that not quickly done?”

They replied, “Very quickly!”

The girl said, “Employ your supernatural powers and watch me attain Buddhahood. It will be even quicker than that!”


[1] DreamCoil Dragon illustration by Sandara

[2] Blue Merman by Creepy Pumpkin

[3] Magic Staff by Rittik-Designs

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