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The Emerald Flute

Updated: Mar 29

The Emerald Flute | The Golden Orb | Part IV

Souls are the Currency of Hell

The Emerald Flute [1]

Current Events

The recent arrival of Gypsies to the nearby Village has brought music and dance to the French countryside. The “Pied Piper” has dropped his Emerald Flute on the steps of a small waterfall on the outskirts of town.

The Fae Librarian must retrieve the Emerald Flute and find out why the Pied Piper left it behind.

The Village

The Village [2], also known as Vosges, [3] is located in the Vosges Mountains in northeastern France. The Village is formed along a Y-shape with a Crossroads at the town's center. At first glance, the village looks perfectly ordinary...yet also partially deserted. In previous years [4], Vosges was the location of a nearby Fort where a regiment of soldiers was stationed, not too far from the Franco-German border area of the Vosges mountain range in Eastern France.

This upland village, located in northeastern France not too far from Nancy, near the German border, is best known for its butter and cheese, however, throughout the year it also produces small quantities of lumber and firewood, gypsum, iron, lead, wine and beer, and a variety of medicinal plants.

The Village includes a Tavern, a Yellow Mansion belonging to the local landlord, a Brothel run by a Turkic doctor and Nyx. A neaby Fort where a regiment of soldiers is stationed, not too far from the border of Germany, a Convent, an Inn, a small lake, a bridge leading from the Inn to a natural spring, and off in the distance, signs of another whole village, apparently abandoned.

The Emerald Flute

As the Fae Librarian reaches the top of the waterfall's steps, flute in hand, she encounters a Black Man of the Crossroads and an Imposter. Help the Librarian negotiate in her dealings with the monsters and spirits of the Underworld.

The Black Man of the Crossroads

A “tricky trader in souls and miracles,” the Black Man of the Crossroad's dwelling place is often referred to as the Pit of Greed in Hell or the retreat of Black Magicians. The Black Man of the Crossroads appears as a reaper, someone seemingly made up of darkness, clothed in all-black, and holding a large, black leather book. The book contains his contracts, accounts and magic spells.

The Black Man of the Crossroads is a devilish spirit that attempts to entice others with offers of wealth, talent and magical powers. He has the ability to grant a range of desires as well as the ability to take things away from his bargainer if he is dissatisfied. Anything agreed upon with the Black Man of the Crossroads is considered an “unbreakable bargain.”

The Offer: Lose your Soul and become an Initiated Magician or Sorceress

An Imposter

An Imposter attempts to succeed primarily by deception. They are typically a person with attractive facial features, but a noticeably stiff manner. They have a limited vocabulary (about 100 distinct words and phrases), and are considered to be a dull conversationalist. They also have no sense of taste or smell. Their face is strangely inexpressive, and they have eyes that seem lifelessly glassy. They possess no body heat or odor.

An Impostor is not usually able to consume food or drink, a fact that can be used to reveal their true nature. They have trouble reacting appropriately to unexpected situations. Imposters are often taught a few things so that they can succeed at simple tasks and perhaps mimic a profession or mimic an assistant to a profession, although they do this primarily by lying about themselves and others.

Hint: Who is this Imposter attempting to mimic?

Answer: The “Pact Devil,” except he doesn't have a book to keep track, so nothing is written down. The Pied Piper (Pippin) made his “deal” with this individual, the Imposter who received a silver dollar coin in exchange for the children he had the Pied Piper lead away from the nearby Village and into the Beryl cave inhabited by the Salamander King and Fafnir's dirty gold. The Imposter believed Fafnir would accept the children as payment.


[1] "Flute" by KaoriAi0w0 on Deviant Art

[4] The French Revolution and WWI

[5] Created in part with A Ghastly Companion to Gothic Icons by Daniel James Hanley

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