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The Fae Librarian

The Golden Orb | The Emerald Cave | Part III

Important Update: The Salamander King has been replaced by a Komodo Dragon from Indonesia and the Golden Orb is now located in a museum. However, the exact location of the Salamander's Cave is still unknown, kept a secret by would-be members of the “French resistance.” A Fae Librarian must be consulted if the Caves and their contents are to be kept under just and fair control.

Unfortunately, clues leading to above-ground entrances and exits to the Emerald Caves were altered in the past. Presently, only two symbols remain from an ancient Minoan writing system called Linear A [1] that may lead to still useable, above-ground entrances, as the Komodo Dragon stands guard at the cave entrance, while the cave exit is walled in, providing neither entrance nor escape.

Symbol 31 is in the shape of a Y, and while the translation provides a Y-like letter as 31, the cup inscription's first symbol (also a Y-like symbol, but with a black dot included), provides us with an explanation as to what might have happened in the past, including information as to why the symbols (and entrances) were altered. The black dot on the first symbol indicates the type of poison brought to the region in 1734 AD. As a result of this poisoning, the individual altered the methods (i.e. a stepladder with the top and bottom rungs removed) of entry/exit from the caves, leaving only two viable options: 31, as the explanation, and 55 as the age of Surtr's first poisoning. The Linear A “cup” inscription contains 21 symbols, one for each Emerald channel in the cave system.

Linear A Cup Inscription

Since the location of the cave remains a closely guarded secret, one may consult a Fae Librarian of Eastern European descent.

Requirements for Consultation: Her original name + a gift.

Note: At the ground entrance are Khegora Mushrooms, mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties that may bestow the ability to sense the presence of gold on whoever consumes them.


[1] Linear A

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