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The Enchanted Turquoise Door (2)

Part VIII - The Enchanted Turquoise Door (2)

Suddenly, a loud booming voice shouted out from the forest, "The King is dead!"

Levi stepped back from Leo's DoorNocker and the incessant clanging faded away as the Turquoise Door's voice echoed throughout the Turquoise Forest. At that moment, Leo's Door opened and they saw the Lion attack the Bull from behind with a long Silver Scythe.

"So that's what happened to the Persian King!"Levi exclaimed.

Hazel nodded wisely in understanding. "Perhaps Leo should not have attacked the Bull at the Frontier Gate."

"Yes, it is exactly as the Egyptian Girl said. Perhaps Anubis will come looking for his Silver Scythe." Zoe's voice murmured quietly.

Eventually the images faded away as Leo's DoorNocker stopped clanging and the dead King's Door closed for good.

Next, Zoe saw the Pink Lotus Flower growing at the bottom of a muddy swamp. "Hey Hazel,"

Zoe turned around to talk to Hazel who was standing behind her staring mesmerized at the Turquoise Door.

"What kind of tea were we drinking back at the Tea Party? Do you remember?" Hazel scratched her head for a second before she replied.

"I think it was Blue Water Lily Tea. Wasn't it?" Hazel wasn't certain.

"Now I remember." Zoe continued, "It definitely wasn't Blue Water Lily Tea we were drinking, it was Sacred Lotus Tea we brought with us from the Far East. The Egyptian Girl was serving Blue Water Lily Tea sweetened with Honey to the Rainbow Serpent."

"We want the Pink Lotus Flower Door don't we?" Hazel asked Levi, but Levi was simply staring at the Pink Lotus Flower as it disappeared and reappeared rhythmically in the lower left corner of the Turquoise Door's frame.

Zoe pressed her palms together and said a quick prayer. Suddenly, the Pink Lotus Flower Door opened and a Treasure Tower appeared.

The Treasure Tower was adorned with the seven treasures (gold, silver, lapis lazuli, seashell, agate, pearl, and carnelian) and stood suspended in the air. Various kinds of precious objects adorned it. It had five thousand railings, a thousand, ten thousand rooms, and numberless streamers and banners decorated it. Festoons of jewels hung down and ten thousand million jeweled bells were suspended from it. All four sides emitted a fragrance of tamala leaves and sandalwood that pervaded the whole world. Its banners and canopies were made of the seven treasures, and it was so high it reached to the heavenly palaces of the four heavenly kings. The beings of the heaven of the thirty-three gods rained down heavenly mandarava flowers as an offering to the treasure tower, and the other heavenly beings, the dragons, the human and nonhuman beings, an assembly of thousands, ten thousands, millions, offered all kinds of flowers, incense, necklaces, streamers, canopies, and music as alms to the treasure tower, paying it reverence, honor, and praise.

A loud voice issued from the Treasure Tower, speaking words of praise: “Excellent, excellent! World-Honored Ones, that you can take the great wisdom of equality, a teaching to instruct the Bodhisattvas, guarded and kept in mind by the Buddhas, the Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law, and preach it for the sake of the entire world!"

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