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The Hawk and the Sun

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Part VII | A Blue Sea Wizard | The Temple of Anubis


Levi's Book

That night Zoe had a dream. She dreamed of a time in the past when shooting stars fell like silver rain and a crimson sun shot burning flames of fire into a burgundy moon. In Zoe's dream, the black sun burned as it dropped glowing balls of fire into a rising sea. The night turned black and starless and a Blue Sea Wizard froze the sea to solid ice.

A Portal Between Worlds

The next morning, a young Blue Sorceress woke up and went for a walk in the enchanted forest where she lived. Hidden among the lush, green trees in a flooded mermaid grotto, the Sorceress discovered a round window like a ship's porthole, a secret portal to another world. The Sorceress saw purple and blue fairies, red and orange-haired mermaids, green and yellow fireflies, multi-hued fragrant flowers, and a myriad of colorful butterflies surrounded by the shimmering sea. Small purple birds flitted back and forth through the shimmering water and a tiny yellow fairy sat perched on a moss covered rock, as if waiting for a guest to arrive.

The Blue Sorceress carefully made her way over the slippery rocks and a small waterfall in order to find the mysterious glowing object she had seen from a distance in the enchanted forest. The Blue Sorceress picked up a small box and examined it closely. When she opened the lid, there was a little picture of a sun and a hawk but nothing else. She wondered if the box had anything to do with the Blue Sea Wizard.


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